Ways to Increase the Average Life of Your Car Brakes

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General Car Maintenance

General car maintenance is crucial in avoiding large repair bills since taking care of your car can help you avoid unnecessary wear to other components. For example, if you let your car's brake pads wear out past the friction material, it will start to damage the rotor braking surface. This issue is prevalent and costs customers additional repair bills that could have been avoided by merely servicing their car on time.

3 Ways to Increase the Average Life of Your Car Brakes

We all know that brakes are crucial for safety and that worn-out brakes are a recipe for disaster. What most don't know is that everyday driving habits impact the longevity of the brakes. While factors outside your control, such as your brakes' quality, may shorten the brake's lifespan, you can apply a few tweaks in your driving style to help brakes last longer.

Smooth Driving

Braking at high speeds places a sizeable amount of strain on your brakes. Unless it's an emergency or a split-second situation, avoid harsh braking as it wears out your brakes. Regulate your speed and anticipate stops to ensure smooth braking. You will not only save your brakes but ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

Practice Engine Braking

One big culprit of wearing out your brakes is riding on your brakes, especially on a steep descent. Rather than stepping on your brakes harshly, downshift the gears and let the engine do the braking for you.

Use a Proper Braking Technique

Ever seen a car accelerate with illuminated brake rights? That's is a common mistake done by many drivers that simultaneously press the brake and gas pedal. And there is nothing that wears the brakes and tires more than applying pressure on the two pedals at the same time. That said, use only one foot at a time if you want to extend your brake pad's longevity.

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